Q. Can you enlarge images from a digital camera?

A. Snappy Snaps are able to produce a real photographic enlargement from your digital camera and within 1 hour. The quality will be dependent on your original file size, (the camera setting when you took the photo). We recommend that you always set your camera on the highest setting to obtain the best quality result.

Q. How long does it take to print, especially when I have a large amount of digital images?

A. We can print real photos from a digital camera in 1 hour. You can view your images before ordering and chossing a matt, gloss or border.

Q. How does the quality compare with printing my images at home?

A. Snappy Snaps print on the same photographic paper that we use for traditional film. Therefore the quality will be of the same award winning high standard. Our equipment is calibrated to produce true colours which is not always possible or easy on a home printer. We will also check each individual print and if necessary adjust colour or light density to make sure the photo resembles the vivid colours you photographed in real life. It is often cheaper and infinitely faster to drop your digital card or media into Snappy Snaps than print your photos at home.